Could you or a family member benefit from therapy?

In general, if you believe you (or a family member) might benefit, you could. If your doctor is worried about how you have been feeling, s/he may recommend therapy. You might also consider therapy for any of the following symptoms:

Overwhelming feelings:
  • being unable to “shake” sadness
  • feeling enraged
  • feeling inadequate or like a failure
  • tearfulness
  • feeling hopeless or helpless
  • feeling constantly exhausted or empty
  • feeling guilt, shame or worthlessness
  • feeling confused, worried or panicky
  • fears of being alone or of going out
Distressing thoughts:
  • concentrating & remembering things
  • images
  • thinking clearly or making decisions
  • of rejection by your partner
  • of suicide, running away or harming yourself (or someone else)
Disruptive behavior:
  • insomnia or excessive sleep
  • nightmares
  • change in appetite/eating patterns
  • isolating yourself from others
  • low energy and motivation
  • keeping up with routine tasks
  • having trouble keeping up with self-care
  • pervasive loss of interest/pleasure in usual activities (including sex)

Your family is experiencing changes which may influence you or a family member’s functioning, such as:

  • divorce
  • remarriage
  • illness in the family
  • death
  • relocation
  • new baby
  • separation from significant others

Sometimes, families are able to work out the meaning and impact of these sorts of changes with no professional help. Other times, the stress overwhelms the family and consultation with a professional can help everybody to make the adjustments that are needed to get back on track.