EMDR Consultation

Consultation is both for those in the midst of Basic Training AND for those going towards Certification in EMDR. For Basic Training in EMDR, 10-Hours of Consultation with an EMDRIA-approved consultant on our team is required. Usually 4-6 hours are completed between the Part 1 and Part 2 trainings, with the remainder done after completing Part 2. Completion of consultation is required before a Certificate of Basic Training in EMDR Therapy can be awarded.

Other Institute team members in other parts of the country may have different rates for group and individual consultation. You can reference the Institute for Creative Mindfulness website for that information.



Teleconferencing and Zoom consultation are available for the consultation component of the training, a needed feature for many trainees who travel for the training days. My fees for group phone consultation are $75/hr for teleconferencing/Zoom groups and are offered in 1 and 2 hour blocks.


I also offer on a limited basis live in-person groups of no more than 6 trainees at a time in the Greater Chicago Area. Fees for this 1.5-hour group are offered for $100 per trainee. Payment for this consultation can be made via cash, check or credit card at the location of the session, but must be made prior to starting the consultation. These groups are typically held in Chicago. The address will be provided upon signing up for a consultation.


Individual consultation is $200/hr and is offered by inquiry only, please contact me to arrange times.


Special consultations groups exclusively for those going towards Certification Hours are also available. These groups are available in-person in the Greater Chicago Area or distance by phone. Groups are offered as a series of 6 monthly consultations that are 1.5-hours in length and limited to 6 participants. Paid up front, the fee for this package is $500 for the entire set of consultations. Payments on a plan cost $100 due before each session with a written commitment to the entire series.


Trainees are responsible for logging their own consultation hours. Your trainer will sign off of these once you have completed 10-hours. Click here to download a consultation hours logging template.