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Support for Childbearing Complications, Losses, Crisis and Transition

Even under ideal circumstances, the journey to becoming pregnant and the transition to parenthood can be bumpy.  If your actual path has been more complicated or difficult than the journey you’d imagined, you may be trying to figure out how to deal with unexpected events, and how to cope with painful emotions. 

Therapy gives you a chance to adjust and move forward in peace.  It helps you to develop additional skills for handling stress.  It gives you a chance to mourn your losses and manage the challenges you still face.  It allows you to examine the ways in which this experience has touched you, and to find yourself again.


 In addition to providing psychotherapy services, I consult to hospitals, health care practitioners, organizations, media, and attorneys.  My expertise is in the emotional issues parents face when there is a crisis during pregnancy or infancy, including:

•pregnancy complications


•prenatal diagnosis

•perinatal hospice

•pregnancy termination

•selective reduction


•premature birth

•medical ethics

•medical decision-making

•parenting stress and trauma

•bereavement and grief

•postpartum depression and bonding and attachment issues.

 I am available to do in-services, workshops, conferences, on-site consulting, and consultations by phone and/or e-mail with professionals who work with babies and parents in a variety of practices and settings including:  


•antepartum care

•labor & delivery


•mother/baby newborn follow-up

•neonatal intensive care

•NICU follow-up

•pediatric intensive care

•pediatric specialty clinics

•general pediatrics and

•legal proceedings

I believe that relationships are the cornerstone of quality health-care. I emphasize the value of providing developmentally supportive care to babies and parents; the importance of collaborative relationships between parents and professionals; and the need for developmentally supportive care for health care practitioners who work with families in crisis. 


I will craft a plan or a program that suits your setting.  I can offer as much or as little as you prefer.  My goal is to provide substantive developmentally targeted support to you in your work with families and colleagues.

With Deborah L. Davis, Ph.D., I wrote the award winning book, Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child:  The Emotional Journey (Fulcrum, 2004).  Dr. Davis and I are currently at work on a second book, Parenting in the NICU:  The Emotional Journey (Fulcrum, due out in 2012).

For more information, visit: NICU Parenting


Partners in Perinatal and Pediatric Consulting

Supporting Collaboration between Professionals and Families

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